In sports, games occasionally have to go into overtime to decide the winner. Players and coaches are called on to extend extra effort to achieve a victory. Three years ago we initiated our Growing Together in Christ capital campaign and have subsequently experienced an amazingly generous response from members and friends of St. Peter alike. In fact, we received $947,316 in designated donations over the past three years – or just over $200,000 more than what had been pledged! We commend and thank you for the commitments you have made and kept to our ministry! At our January Congregational Meeting, our members overwhelmingly approved proceeding with building our new Ministry Center (at an expected cost of around $1,900,000) and securing a mortgage loan of up to $995,000 from Lutheran Church Extension Fund to enable us to go forward. This was all made possible by your generous gifts!

The purpose of Extending Our Endeavor − an addition to the Growing Together in Christ campaign − is to invite and encourage additional commitments from all of our friends and members (over and above regular donations to our annual Ministry Spending Plan) to decrease the size of our mortgage loan in order to reduce the amount of our monthly mortgage payments. Doing so, we believe, will not only reduce ongoing budgetary pressures but provide a stronger foundation – free of excessive debt – for the next generation at St. Peter.

When we embarked on this journey, we had expected to break ground sooner than we did. Several issues that were out of our control delayed the initiation of our project. But while this seemed like an inconvenience at the time, we now realize that God may have been providing an opportunity for many of us to invest even more towards the future of St. Peter.  Perhaps you now have access to more resources than you previously did or were not able to support this endeavor as you would have liked three years ago.  By extending our capital campaign for another three years, it will provide the opportunity for all of us – those who had generously given to this effort already and those who may not have had the ability or opportunity in the past – to join together in furthering the success and financial solidity of this fantastic ministry effort. And Together we can keep on Growing in Christ!

As envisioned, our new ministry center will provide necessary space to help us foster those activities of which the community has made us so aware and become a welcoming place for all our ministries. These include the strengthening our relationships with God and one another, the worship and study of God’s Word, and equipping us for our service as God’s people. In addition to that, it will encourage us to reach out beyond ourselves to share God’s love with others in our neighborhood and the world. It will enable what our motto says: Growing Together in Christ.

If you would like to support this effort, you may download a Pledge Form, or simply make a one time donation via mail or online.

Thank you for joining us – and Jesus – on His mission!