Luther Rose

   Luther’s rose can provide a good introduction to what is important for us Lutherans. At the center of the seal is a black cross in a red heart. It teaches us that “faith in the Crucified saves us.” the one who believes from the heart will be justified (Romans 10:10). The heart retains its natural color, for faith in Jesus does not destroy our persons, but brings life, and empowers us to live that new life. The heart stands in the center of a white rose, showing that “faith gives joy, comfort, and peace.” These are blessings that only Christ can deliver. The rose stands in a sky-blue field, since faith’s joy and peace are the “beginning of the heavenly future joy.” We grasp these gifts in hope, tasting them already now, but knowing we will not experience them in their fullness until the Lord calls us to himself in heaven. The golden ring around the seal symbolizes that “such blessedness in heaven lasts forever and has no end.”  (phrases in quotes are from Martin Luther’s own explanation written in 1530.)