Christian Education

At St. Peter Lutheran Church, we offer a number of Christian education opportunities. We believe that the new life Christ gives is rich, abundant, and eternal. We seek to learn, that we may live that new life ever more fully, until we experience it in all its fullness in the world to come. We invite you to participate in any of our activities as appropriate and helpful for you!


Sunday’s Education Hour offers classes for children and adults. It begins at 9:15 AM. Currently the children are using Concordia’s Growing in Christ program. The adults have completed a study of the Acts of the Apostles and a study on Christian stewardship, God’s Trustees, which helped student see that stewardship is an honor and privilege and embraces much more than money. It promotes living on the basis of God’s giving! The current course focuses on aspects of the “Priesthood of All Believers.”


Christ Care meets the first and third Thursdays of the month during the school year–for mutual encouragement through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Christ Care will meet for the first time in the current school year on September  3


The Life with God Class is offered periodically for members and inquirers to explore on the basis of God’s Word what it means to be and live as a Christian, including membership in a Christian congregation. Meetings are set in conjunction with class members’ schedules. Normally this is a ten session class, but this can vary, based on participants’ interests and needs.


Youth Confirmation Classes are designed to help our youth deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and His people, grasp more fully His teaching and its meaning for living, and to prepare them to participate in the Lord’s Supper. Classes are taught in coordination with the school year and the schedule of the participants and their parents.


Divine Drama: Our Narrative is offered Wednesdays. It will begin September 9 and will run through February 4, 2016, with time off for midweek worship for Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s. A unique feature of this course is the visuals that help students grasp the Bible’s basic teaching. This course thus becomes a great one for reviewing the basics of the Christian faith, or for someone who wishes to explore the Christian faith. Cost is $16 for the student manual and workbook. A couple can share a manual and purchase a second workbook for $4. Scholarships are available. We do not want anyone to stay away because of finances.


The Divine Drama: The Biblical Narrative (Part I) introduces the student to the storyline that runs through the Scripture, as well as its key themes. This course is excellent for helping people read the Bible with understanding.


Unique to this course are the 136 full page color illustrations in the participants’ manuals, that help students not only read but also see the story. Included with the manual are a student workbook and a most valuable timeline for understanding how the story unfolded.

Couples attending can share a manual and timeline; a second workbook ($4) can be requested. Suggested donation for these materials is $20, but we do not want anyone to stay away because of cost.


Leading the course will be Pastor Michael, who has used Crossways’ materials for over 25 years and knows how helpful this approach for learning the Bible’s message is.


Questions? Please contact Pastor Michael on his cell, 407-353-8420, or by Email at